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The 18 Rules of Engagement for Church Boards

Does your church board follow The 18 Rules of Engagement?

More than likely, there are ways to improve the pastor-board relations at the church…

… at least that’s how it is with nearly every church we work with — even in the best of church boards.

In a lot of ways, it’s because there’s not a significant amount of resource available on the dynamics among church boards and the role of board members.

That’s why we created Church Boardsmanship: The 18 Rules of Engagement.

In this free, brand new guide we explore the roles and responsibilities of church board members and lead pastors so that everyone has a proper understanding of where they fit in the overall picture.

Does your board currently understand their role?

We believe these 18 rules of engagement will facilitate open dialogue with lead pastors and board members…

… ultimately creating greater unity with this high-value group of leaders and the church as a whole!

Click here to download:
Church Boardsmanship: The 18 Rules of Engagement

And be sure to forward this blog on to your church board members and lead pastor. We hope it helps!

Ready to go deeper? Get access to instant video training that will help you lead your church board.

This powerful 8-part video series contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvous best practices for church boards. Think of this as the key to leading a board regardless of your experience. Discover the best way for a church board to function. Check it out:

Pastors guide to leading church board video series

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