About the Hardy Group

We believe that church as we have always known it is not necessarily what it has to be.

Dick Hardy founded the Hardy Group in 2007 in an effort to help pastors navigate church growth challenges and remove obstacles to that growth. It has since become a premier organization providing leadership consulting, coaching and resources nationally and internationally.

At The Hardy Group we believe that church as we have always known it is not necessarily what it has to be. Further, we believe you can lead at an entirely new level.

Are you looking for a real voice to walk with you through the nuances of church leadership and ministry growth? What do you do when you’ve tried it all and it still doesn’t seem to work? Do you think there are any other pastors who have faced what you face?

These questions and more headline what The Hardy Group can do for you. We offer four different levels of membership in The Hardy Group network. All of these are designed to help you grow as a leader both personally and professionally and to see your ministry expand its influence.