Hardy Group Endorsements

John Lindell

Lead Pastor, James River Church

“Dick’s life experience has uniquely equipped him to serve as a consultant in the areas of organizational and leadership development.”

Beth Grant

Director, Project Rescue International

“I have watched Dick bring a contagious energy, creative vision and strategic faith to the excellent leadership teams and organizations where he has served.”

Bryan Jarrett

Lead Pastor, Northplace Church

“Dick has the ability to assess a situation or an organization and work tirelessly to comprise an innovative strategy that fleshes out the leader’s vision.”

Mark Rutland

Former President, Oral Roberts University

“I am a firm believer in the usefulness of the consultancy in Dick Hardy, a man with a lifetime of experience.”

Mark Batterson

Author & Lead Pastor, National Community Church

“The guy can think like a board member and he can think like a pastor. He understands both roles like no one else.”

Dary Northrop

Lead Pastor, Timberline Church

“I’m happy to be able to say I have been greatly influenced by Dick Hardy.”

Jim Bradford

General Secretary, Assemblies of God

“His relational network is impressive and his discernment is seasoned. I personally admire his passion for Christ’s church and his love for pastors. Dick is a friend who I know will serve you well.”

Ray Berryhill

Resurrected Life Church

“If I was in need of an associate pastor or when the day comes for my church to replace me (which I hope is no time soon) I would wholeheartedly recommend The Hardy Group.”

Hosea Bilyeu

Former Senior Pastor, Ridgecrest Baptist

“Dick Hardy brought a rare gift to me and to the ministry of Ridgecrest: increased insight. It is one thing for a senior pastor to have intuitive impressions; it is another to have those confirmed and/or challenged by someone who brings fresh eyes to the task. Dick is gifted by God with the ability to establish rapport and elicit honest feedback from others, and his stewardship of that gift is proving to be a blessing to me in my leadership.”

Wayne Benson

Former President, Central Bible College

“The Hardy Group, a creative idea that offers a potential treasury of resource to ministers and churches.”

Chad Harvey

Lead Pastor, Raleigh First

“In the last six months since connecting with The Hardy Group we have baptized more people and had more people connect with us than we usually have in an entire year.”

Jamie Austin

Lead Pastor, Woodlake Church

“Dick Hardy has been a valuable asset to my church and my leadership team.  As a pastor of a church in the middle of much needed transition and change, the resources, wisdom and connections that Dick has provided has been essential for our continued growth. On a personal level, Dick has been vital in keeping this young pastor centered and focused on what God has called me to do.  If you haven’t already, I highly recommend connecting with The Hardy Group to assist you in the pursuit of your ministry goals.”

Brad Allison

Board Chair, South Bend, Indiana

“I cannot recommend Dick Hardy and The Hardy Group high enough. If you are now looking for your new lead pastor, Dick will come alongside you and walk with you A – Z in that search. You need to talk to Dick!”

Gary Wheat

Lead Pastor, Siloam Springs, Arkansas

“Fresh Eyes’ from The Hardy Group helped us recognize areas we needed to improve.”

Raymond Frizzell

Lead Pastor, Miami, Oklahoma   

“Dick Hardy came and gave us a great blueprint for change. He also communicated the reason and purpose of changes we needed. We have stuck with the process and feel we know what areas must continue to improve. I would say the initial assessment has continued to help us.”

John Palmer

Dick is an honest man whose integrity is above question. Dick will deliver what he promises.

Robert Spence

Chancellor, Evangel University

With a winsome personality and positive outlook on life, Dick is able to coach and advise with a Philippians 4:8 perspective.

Stan Tharp

Pastor, Christian Life Center

“I expect he will make a huge impact on the churches he serves. He did it for Central Bible College…and now, he has begun to do it for us at Christian Life Center.”

Randy Quakenbush

Anchor Church, Boston, Massachusetts

 “From day one, Dick will be your friend and a friend of your ministry. The journey with Dick Hardy will not only be profitable, but enjoyable.”

Maury Davis

Pastor, Cornerstone Nashville

 “When Dick Hardy says that experience matters, as a pastor of one of America’s growing churches, I say a hearty, Amen!”

Scotty Gibbons

Speaker and Author

 “Dick’s broad ministry experience and far-reaching network make him a wonderful asset to the organizations he serves.”

Nate Ruch

Emmanuel Christian Center

“Dick has worked to assist improving cohesive pastoral staff relations, hiring, strategic development and development projects within multiple church environments.”

Rick Cole

Capital Christian Center

“I have known Dick for more almost 25 years and his is a man of integrity, joyful enthusiasm, professional acumen, and vision.”

Jeff Sandstrom

Ethos Church

“Dick is a man who will go above and beyond your expectations of him. It’s never disappointing to work with Dick.”

Bonnie Jenkins

Professor of Music, Evangel University

“Dick’s energy and enthusiasm was endless. He was always supportive of my endeavors and worked hard to help me realize my goals for the groups that I directed.”

Joseph Castleberry

President, Northwest University

“The great attitudes, training, and talents of our graduates, deployed through Dick’s lifetime of networking, make for a powerful combination for the Kingdom of God.”

Jeff Leake

Leader & Pastor

 “His experience in the church world as an executive leader is invaluable. He has served with and under some of the best leaders in our movement.”

Alex Bryant

Director of St. Louis Dream Center

“He has the heart of a minister, the mind of a sharp business leader and the drive of a winner. I only hope that one day I can attain the legacy he has made for himself among our fellowship.”

Josh Cameron

Pulpit Committee Chair, Southgate Church, South Bend, Indiana

We could not have done this search as successfully as we did without Dick Hardy’s help. His vast network of connections enabled us to find just the right new lead pastor for Southgate Church. Smart board/search committee chairs will talk with Dick.

Jeff & Becky Kennedy

Lead Pastors, South Bend, Indiana

“My wife and I found ourselves on the receiving end of a really great experience over the last few months. Dick Hardy has been a friend for a number of years. As a result, he and I had been in conversation relative to my future. Little did I know that God was bringing a great church in South Bend, Indiana into Dick’s world. Southgate Church was embarking on the search for a new lead pastor. Suffice it to say, the Lord used the connection between the church and The Hardy Group as well as the connection between Dick and Jeff to afford the Kennedys the great privilege of now serving as Southgate’s pastor. To any board or search committee chair, I cannot recommend Dick and The Hardy Group to you enough. You will be pleased in working with Dick. He has great wisdom and spiritual sensitivity you will want in your search.”

Dick Sayad

Saginaw Valley Community Church

Let me thank you because the issues and subjects you present are current and provide solutions. Pastors need this type of help because we don’t always get answers on the real life issues we face in ministry during college.

Gary Wheat

Lead Pastor, Siloam Springs, AR

“Dick Hardy was able to be a friend to myself, staff and board while helping us see things in a fresh new way.  His insights and wisdom how to direct you through necessary changes are worth the investment.  Myself and our leadership team are thankful we decided to invest in our church by bringing Dick Hardy and The Hardy Group alongside us.  The results have been tremendous.  I highly recommend Dick Hardy and The Hardy Group.”

Don Gifford

Indiana District Superintendent

When I found out that one of our historically great churches in Indiana was without a lead pastor, I wondered how well those wonderful people were going to be able to find the kind of leader who could help mainstream them back closer to the Assemblies of God. The church ultimately voted in with a 97.6% vote a phenomenal pastor in Jeff Kennedy.

I am so pleased with how Dick Hardy and The Hardy Group were able to lead this church through sometimes unchartered territories of finding a new lead pastor.  Dick Hardy kept the Superintendent informed and engaged in the process.

If your church is in need of a man with a vast network of pastors, then Dick could be your man to help you in your search.  I can tell you, he did a great job for Southgate Church and the Indiana District.