Author: Ryan Wakefield

12 Marketing Mistakes Churches Make

When churches work hard and try new things to get the word out, I love it! But sometimes things don’t pan out the way pastors think. Many times that’s simply because the approach could have been different. This is not an indictment on churches. We love the church! If you’ve found your church making any…

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10 Ways Church Photography Helps You Reach People

You’ve likely spent a number of hours this year praying about ways your church can reach more people. You’ve probably already read a few books, blogs, and maybe even attended a church conference. You may have a few new outreach ideas that you and your board are praying about doing this year or next. Reaching…

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The New Rules of Church Real Estate

You know how important location is for any organization. We hear it all the time — location, location, location. In fact, you’ve probably seen good businesses in your community go out of business simply because of crummy locations. Now what if I told you that you can position your church in a much better location…

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