Category: Staff Relations

How to Say “No” & Still Win

One of the challenging moments leaders often face occurs when they have to say “No” to something. Oftentimes it leads to a sense that you just always say “No” to the point where people don’t even come to you with requests anymore. They may feel it’s a lost cause or they may fear the answer…

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Sharing Bitterness With Other Leaders

One thing you can count on in ministry. Somebody, someday, somehow is going to do you wrong. And you’re not going to be happy! The big question is going to be how are you going to handle that wrong? Then a second question is going to be how will the people around you be affected…

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Boundaries with the Opposite Gender in Church Ministry

It’s an age-old issue in ministry. I’m a guy and I need to meet with a gal for something related to ministry. Can we go to lunch to discuss it? It can be tricky to know what’s appropriate and what’s not, and what type of boundaries need to be in place. Simple answer? Watch this…

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