Intro to The Hardy Group Levels 3 & 4

Boom! Last week we started a journey like we’ve never done before at The Hardy Group. We launched The Hardy Group 2.0 and oh my! The response has been phenomenal; we’ve been overwhelmed with it all!

Church leaders like you have said “YES” to the new offerings we presented. For that we are most grateful. I’d like to talk with you a bit about it so click the video above and get the firsthand look at what’s up.

Last week we unveiled the whole new concept of everyone who is part of The Hardy Group blog is now actually a member of The Hardy Group. That means you!

We told you about Level 1 which you’re a part of by virtual of receiving our blog posts every week. In addition, we described Level 2 which is the Inner Circle that you may want to take a look at real soon.

Today, I want to flesh out the top two levels of The Hardy Group: Levels 3 and 4. Here’s how they look and how they might be able to benefit you as a church leader.


Coaching is now available to Level 3 members of The Hardy Group. We are now offering coaching in six specific areas:


Leadership & Personal Growth

Volunteer Development

Small Groups

Church Revitalization

Social Media & Church Marketing

We have engaged some of the highest level coaches you’ll find anywhere. Our coaching arrangements will run from three to six months with the option for you to engage further. Want to get better at any of these six areas? The Hardy Group Level 3 Coaching will get you there.

Click here to get more information on Level 3 coaching.


The highest and most personal level of service to church leaders is The Hardy Group Level 4 Consulting. This is where we get right in the saddle with you 24/7/365.

We purpose to serve as your most personal non-resident executive staff member, and are onsite with you throughout the year and we talk all the time. In short, we will become the best of friends.

We offering consulting in four areas:

Pastoral Leadership

Capital Campaigns

Senior Pastor Search

Weekend Evaluation

We purpose to help you fulfill your vision to see the church grow. There is no greater level of commitment that we make to you at The Hardy Group than to serve you in Level 4 Consulting.

We would love to start the dialogue as to how any of these levels could serve your needs and as a springboard to your vision for the future.

With all that I’ve written here, I have to tell you that it is all about you, not me, not The Hardy Group as an organization. It’s about you, the church leader who is in the trenches doing what God has given you vision to do.

I cannot tell you how honored and humbled we are that God allows us to serve you in this way.

In the meantime, always remember that for you … THE BEST IS YET TO COME!


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