Church Ministry Stewardship & Personal Pastor Taxes

Stewardship/Saving for the Church’s Online Giving (Global) and for Income Tax (U.S.) Preparation

There are times in the life of any ministry when a leader needs to evaluate whether they as a leader and/or they as the church are being the best stewards of that which God has given to them.

One major area where pastors and church leaders in the U.S. need help is in their income tax preparation. April 15th is coming!

Jonathan and I, as well as The Hardy Group, have been very satisfied with our tax preparer Whittaker’s Accounting & Tax Service. Dennie Whittaker specializes in minister’s income tax and of course, handles countless personal income taxes of people all across the U.S.

If you want to make sure your taxes are done right, there’s no place I’d rather go than Whittaker’s Accounting & Tax Service.

Click here for quote on pastors and personal income tax preparation.

Another element of stewardship relates to online giving. It is good that churches all over the globe have benefited from online recurring giving. This is a huge blessing to churches in stabilizing their giving.

However, with online giving comes merchant fees. While we accept this reality, it’s good once in a while to see if you can save money on merchant fees and thus have more money to use for ministry.

Would you like to have more money for ministry?

One of the places we at The Hardy Group recommend you look is with our affiliate, Synergis, Inc. These folks have been able to save churches hundreds and thousands of dollars in merchant fees.

Click here for quote on merchant fees.

I hope you find these resources helpful as you seek to be the best steward of your personal resources and those of the church.

Dick Hardy

The Hardy Group

P.S. Click here for better merchant fees for your online giving. Click here for tax preparation in the U.S.

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