Power of Momentum – with John Lindell


Momentum is a powerful thing. When you have it, even the not-so-great things you do can turn out better than you expect. When you don’t have it, even the best of the best of the best of plans frequently fall flat. Why? All because they have or lack momentum.

Today we have a special guest’s insight for you on momentum. I was privileged to serve on staff with a great church that at the time was 3,600 in size back in the early 2000s. It grew to 4,600 in my two years on staff there and today sees over 9,000 in attendance every Sunday. James River Church, if it has anything, it has momentum.

Pastor John Lindell is a good friend and my pastor at James River. He agreed to do a podcast interview, and the insight he provides is phenomenal! He is a pastor who is living the reality of momentum.

In the podcast John talks about stewarding momentum and taking intentional steps to see it become what it can be in your church. He talks about the unique move of the Holy Spirit in making things happen in the church that none of us could make happen on our own.

At the end of the podcast, John prays for every listener. He prays for your church. It’s worth the listen just for the prayer at the end. I pray this podcast ministers to you in a powerful way.


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