Troy Jones Interview


There comes a time in the life of any leader, particularly a pastor or church leader, where the best of the best of what we’ve done in the past just doesn’t seem to be enough.

When that happens it is time to recalibrate. I had the privilege the other day to talk to my friend Dr. Troy Jones of New Life Church in the Seattle area about his new book by that very title …

Recalibrate:  How your church can reach its full Kingdom impact.

I am so impressed with Troy’s work in this revolutionary book. When you stop to think of the thousands of good churches in the U.S. and around the world that have seen great things in the past yet struggle to move forward in the future, the thought of recalibrating is brilliant. Maybe yours is one of those churches? Or you certainly know someone who is.

Troy does a masterful job of walking the reader through three distinct phases a leader has to navigate when the time for recalibration presents itself:

The Rethink Phase:  Challenging the Status Quo

The Realign Phase:  Infuse New Cultural DNA into Your Church

The Relaunch Phase:  Stop Tinkering with Change and Do It

I have to tell you this book will change the way you lead your church. There is no finer friend to your church than Troy Jones. You can contact him at at his blog at recalibrategroup.com/blog or at:

Twitter: @troyhjones
Instagram @troyhjones
Facebook TroyHJones

I am so pleased to give this book my highest recommendation. To pastors and church leaders who want to make a difference, this book is for you. Enjoy the interview with Troy!

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