Church Budget: How to Cut Without Losing

Knowing how to cut your budget and not cut the ministry is essential.

Ever found yourself with a good church that has to navigate an economic downturn? Or maybe the church’s income is simply not keeping up with expenses? What do you do about that? The Church Budget: How to Cut Without Losing guide will show you exactly how to deal with these realities.

In it we will show you:

— How budget is defined.
— How prayer interfaces with your budget.
— How to interface current income and expenses.
— How to develop short-term income potential.
— How to develop mid-term income potential.
— How to develop long-term income potential.
— How to evaluate debt and seek better interest rates and terms.
— The Importance of modeling giving & generosity.
— How to evaluate expense reductions.
— How to navigate potential staff reductions.
— How to keep your expectations in check while waiting to see results.
— How to handle departmental or ministry budget reductions.
— How to give attention to the big ticket items and the nickel and dime items.
— The 10-point game plan for how a pastor makes this happen.

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