Church training video resrouce for pastors

Make It Happen Video Series

Six Videos and Coaching Guides on a Range of Ministry Topics

The Hardy Group does all it can to get these valued resources in your hands. Leaders make things happen with the Lord and Prayer. To this end we offer six videos and Coaching Guides on the following topics:

Full Video Series (Digital Downloads)

Includes all videos & coaching guides $44.95

— Cultures

3 Cultures Necessary for a Church to Grow $6.95

— Improvement

12 Steps to the Culture of Improvement in the Church $6.95

— Elements

3 Foundational Elements Necessary for a Church to Grow $6.95

— Identify Absences

3 Things Missing in Flat and Declining Churches $6.95

— Remove Obstacles

5 Pastor-Driven Obstacles to Growth $6.95

— Hospitality

9 Aspects of Over-the-Top Guest Hospitality $6.95