How to save your church money


Does your church make it easy for people to give financially?

I’m amazed at how many churches STILL don’t offer various forms of digital giving (i.e. online giving , recurring giving, & text message giving).

But even if you do, are you spending more than you should?

Today on The Hardy Group blog I talk about the need to:

  1. Have a plan for digital giving
  2. Ensure you’re getting the best merchant rates for digital giving

It’s one thing to offer an easy solution to give online, but if you don’t effectively steward the finances coming in, then you’re missing part of the equation.

And you’re wasting money that could be utilized for ministry instead!

Get this — most churches that utilize a church management system don’t realize they actually have the option to select their merchant.

Instead, they just use the recommended merchant…

… and while that can be easier most of the time it’s not always the best rate.

Yet properly stewarding the church’s finances is an absolute must for every church leader.

Properly stewarding the church's finances is an absolute must for every church leader. Click To Tweet

That’s why we recommend checking out Synergis, Inc.

Just think about what you could do if you had an extra $100, $500, or even $1,000 per month to use for ministry instead.

Most churches are basically giving away extra money, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether you go with a company like Synergis, Inc or another company, just remember you’re stewarding people’s tithe…

… and you owe it to them to minimize your cost and maximize your impact through the ministry.

And to make things even better for those churches that are not yet providing this option for their churches they will begin immediately to see an increase in total dollars given because of built-in consistency.

By the way, we actually worked with Anthony Mason of Synergis, Inc for our own online processing and he saved us a ton of money in merchant fees. The switch was very easy and worth the little time it took to make it happen.

Furthermore, I also mention in the video on today’s blog the need for personal stewardship, and for our U.S. friends, the opportunity to check out Whittaker’s Accounting & Tax Service if you haven’t yet.

While tax time is coming to a close here shortly, Whittaker’s Accounting & Tax Service is a great organization that I’ve utilized for years.

They excel tax preparation (for both clergy and non-clergy) and would be well worth a conversation for both now or the future.

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