Level 04

Consulting Services

At The Hardy Group we believe church as we have always known it is not necessarily what it has to be for the future. Further, we believe you have the capacity to lead it at an entirely new level.

Our Level 4 Consulting is the highest level of most personal and tailored consulting we have to offer. There are no formula approaches with it. It’s all about you.

We purpose to help you identify those obstacles to the growth God has for you both personally and professionally. Our consulting gives you onsite, in person, 24-7 access to us and we hope to become a lifelong friend of you and your church.



Pastoral Leadership

Pastoral Leadership Consulting

Leading a church is an incredible responsibility. But with responsibility comes a weight that no one else feels like you do. Sometimes it helps just having someone from the outside who is able to share that burden with you.

That’s where our consultants can help. Our consulting is handcrafted specifically to help you where you need it most. Included in that are:

  • Personal Development
  • Thinking, Planning, Dreaming
  • Staff Development
  • Ministry Development
  • Church Board and Governance Organization
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Capital Campaigns

Capital Campaigns

When God has given you and your church a vision for expansion that is beyond yourself, you need a premiere capital campaign strategy as created and delivered by The Hardy Group.

Our team has raised over $155,000,000 in lifetime funds to expand the local church. Because we believe your church is uniquely created, the effort to expand should likewise be uniquely created to perfectly match you!

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Senior Pastor Search

Weekend Evaluation

Weekend Evaluation (Secret Shopper)

Every week church leaders come to church with the same eyes, and there are times when blind spots develop. Not intentionally, of course, but it’s life. How can you make decisions about a guest’s weekend experience without knowing how they view it?

Our Weekend Evaluation Service is truly one-of-a-kind! If you want a fresh set of unbiased eyes to give you an accurate portrayal of the perception of your church as a visitor, then consider us your “Secret Shopper.”

  • Unbiased weekend evaluation
  • Time spent with staff, board, and volunteers
  • Detailed report of our experience
  • Action plan to enhance the visitor experience
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Let's Talk.

Every consulting service begins with a simple conversation. Let’s get started by talking about whether The Hardy Group Consulting is right for you.

What happens when I engage The Hardy Group Consulting?

Some churches have said our consultants operate like non-resident executive staff members You and the consultant will begin to dialogue about where you’re at and where you want to go.

You’ll begin to build a friendship with The Hardy Group consultant. You truly will begin to partner together to advance what the Lord has put on your heart to do at your church.

The consultant will be onsite with you up to three times during the year. Each of those visits will be specifically framed to meet your needs. You will be in the center of the preparation of what each visit will accomplish.

Why should I use a consultant?

You should use The Hardy Group consultant because they will bring a perspective to your table you otherwise would not have available. The consultant brings a wealth of experience to bear on your leadership and that of the church.

What does it cost to engage The Hardy Group Consulting?

Our consulting cost is case-by-case. Each church has varying needs and the situations a church faces are unique. The cost of consulting will be determined after an initial conversation with the church to get a better understanding of the scope of work and projects to be accomplished through the consulting relationship.

What is the length of commitment?

The length of commitment for The Hardy Group Consulting is subject to the needs of the church. Outside of our Weekend Evaluation service, churches typically utilize our services in one-year increments. However, we understand each situation is unique and the length of time varies greatly. The length of commitment will be discussed further upon your initial inquiry.

Do I get to pick my consultant?

Yes and no. When you engage The Hardy Group Consulting services, we assign the consultant to you based on the needs of your church. Each of our talented coaches have specialized areas that have uniquely equipped them to serve in this capacity. Upon initial inquiry, we will explore this together to determine the best option for you. With the extremely high level of consulting offered by all our team, you will be very pleased with the consultant who partners with you.

Can I cancel if I need to?

We seldom find that churches ever want to cancel their consulting relationship with The Hardy Group. However, we do realize sometimes circumstances occur where it cannot be avoided. To allow for cancellation we ask for a 60-day cancellation notice for us to bring closure to the development projects in progress.