Not If But Who is Shaping the People in the Church

Here’s the deal. It is not a question of if the people in the church you serve will be shaped by what they read, listen to or watch. It is by whom or by what. That is the question.

It is truly a fascinating study to look at what goes into the minds of people as determinants of what comes out in their actions. In the old school computer world on the downside it was, “garbage in, garbage out”. How true that is with people.

As pastors and church leaders we are charged in Matthew 28:19 with making disciples of all people. In 2017 discipleship involves all that enters our minds and hearts to live lives holy and committed to the Lord.

One of the most exciting things about the age in which we live is the ever-increasing capability of pastors and church leaders to be able to resource their churches in ways never thought possible even just a few years ago.

One of those ways, and a significant one at that, is through your creation and development of a virtual bookstore. Yes, your virtual bookstore where you can share, highlight, review and recommend that which you are reading, listening to or watching.

To this end, there are a couple of things I am certain of in the world of life and ministry.

First, leadership is influence.

When you and your team can easily share your favorite resources you are increasingly able to help your community of believers grow and be discipled.

Second, it is a noisy world out there; understatement for sure.

Each ministry leader – Men’s, Women’s, Small Groups, Children’s, Youth – can serve their community directly with their go-to-resources through a church’s virtual bookstore.

My good friends at came up with the unique concept for churches of creating just that – a virtual bookstore for the local church. If you are a leader who acknowledges your role to resource the people of your church in more and more advanced ways, then I strongly encourage you to give a look.

One of the things I really like is that a virtual bookstore works similar to Twitter and Facebook.

Your community/church can access your bookstore from links on your site and by leaders sharing their bookshelves through social media.

Imagine what it would be like if people in your church could access your thinking with a click.

Just think of how you could exponentially increase those in the Body who desire the best in resources for themselves and their families. Think of the advancement in their discipleship journey.

As the new year begins, I believe we should re-think how to resource our church beyond service on the weekend. In our digital world, it is unbelievable how we can disciple in so much more of a targeted way.

Think about these questions.

  • If you could help a teen who is new in the faith begin to understand the basics or foundations of their faith, would you like to do that?

  • If a person in the church has a targeted very private need of something like dealing with sexual temptation, depression, suicide or dealing with grief, would you like to be able to immediately help them?

  • What about if you could help solid people in the church understand scripture in ways they never thought possible? Would that be cool?

I believe the Church and its leadership have the greatest opportunity and responsibility ever to share knowledge to help people.

People genuinely WANT to know what their pastor or leader feels or believes about a whole range of issues in life and the church. I for one am all for advancing that which is in the pastor’s mind, heart and spirit by offering things like virtual bookstores to the church and community.

To state the obvious, creating resource options like this has no geographic boundary. I love that!

My wife and I knew it with our children. Somebody was going to shape them as they grew up. We purposed that it was going to be Dick and Pat Hardy doing the shaping.

Yes, we partnered with other “shapers” like the church, extended family, school, etc. But we did not leave the shaping to others. With the complete guidance of the Lord, we shaped our two children.

I recommend that as the leader of the great church you serve, you purpose to shape, to the best extent possible, the lives of people in the church who desire to grow in their walk with the Lord. They want that from you.

I believe when you invest in people by communicating your views of the books, music and movies that are impacting you, you will find a level of discipleship growth within the Body you never imagined possible.

So it’s not if … but who is going to shape the people in your church. You are called of the Lord to lead them and invest in them … so do it!

Provide the forum for resourcing and watch God bring about the results.

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