Rod Crutcher

Rod Crutcher serves as an Associate Pastor at Restoration Foursquare Church. He also serves as a coach with the Foursquare Southeast District as part of the Coaching 2 Growth Program (Church Revitalization) to churches in Alabama and Tennessee.

Rod’s passion is to help God’s people know who they are in Christ, and to help them discover their God-given gifts, skills, and talents. He also has a strong belief and desire to build healthy leaders and churches, and this is why he truly believes in coaching, in particular Church Revitalization coaching.

He wants to see leaders and churches reach the full potential that God has for them. In helping to build healthy churches and leaders, he believes that pastors and their churches must discover “Why they exist.” They must know and understand their Vision, Mission, and Core Values.

Rod believes deeply in continual education, training, and development. He believes to be successful and fulfill the plan of God for our lives you have to be a life-long learner.

Rod and his wife, Delphine reside in Huntsville, Alabama and have two sons, Daniel and Joseph.