Tom Clegg

Tom Clegg is an internationally recognized breakthrough leader for missional transformation specializing in empowering leaders and their organizations to navigate complex personal and church change.

He is a highly gifted and sought after coach, consultant, conference speaker, and recognized authority in the fields of evangelism, church planting, leadership development, and missions. He is author of Missing In America, Lost in America, Releasing Your Church’s Potential, the Seven Habits of a Visitor Friendly Church, Mission America and the highly anticipated new book, Missional Requiem, due out later this year.

Having helped plant and grow many new churches in the past thirty years as a senior pastor, church planter, missionary and denominational leader through training, coaching, assessing and resourcing church planters, his broad experience equips him to provide strategic planning, coaching, team-building, growth and management consulting for increasing personal and organizational effectiveness.

Tom travels the world working with pastors and church leaders from a wide spectrum of individuals and organizations. Tom makes his home in Des Moines, Iowa with his wife Jodi and their two dogs. When he isn’t on the road you’ll probably find him leading his local church or cycling, running, fly-fishing, playing the guitar.