Vicki Farina

Vicki Farina, leadership, spiritual, and personal coach trained under Master Coaches, Jane Crewell and Linda Miller. She has achieved the ACC certification with the International Coach Federation. She is a certified People Management Coach and Conflict Dynamic Profile Coach.

Vicki often uses biblical leadership coaching skills as a catalyst to championing others to find and live their full potential. She believes the words of Abraham Lincoln “All humans beings have their weaknesses, but not all of us realize them, come to grips with them, or offset their negative impact.”

She believes, as a group whose primary endeavor is interacting with other people, leaders must accomplish the paradoxical task of managing both strengths and weaknesses.  Coaching is the key to that management.

She earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary with an emphasis in professional coaching. Vicki has worked in several churches in the role of women’s leadership and enjoys being a frequent speaker for various events and conferences.

She and her husband, Sam, live in Red Oak, Texas.