Capital Campaigns Consulting

When God has given you and your church a vision for expansion that is beyond yourself, you need a premiere capital campaign strategy.

Our primary capital campaign consultant, Jack Strom, has raised over $155,000,000 in lifetime funds to expand the local church. His 30+ years of fundraising experience is invaluable to churches like yours.
Because we believe your church is uniquely created, the effort to expand should likewise be uniquely created to perfectly match you!


Your church is unique. Therefore, a cookie-cutter approach to your stewardship needs will never work. That is why at The Hardy Group we get right in the saddle with you to craft an approach to raising needed funds. We are in it with you to advance that which God has called you to do at the church.

We do not do capital campaigns like others you may have heard of or experienced. We provide you the most personal attention. We move quickly, and we’ll never put you in a pre-created box. In cooperation with you and your leadership team we customize our approach specific for you.


We take an a la carte approach to our Capital Campaign Consulting. Since every church is different its needs differ, and we understand that. So we offer various segments to our services that allow us to work with you where you need it most.

We break our services into segments so you can invest as much or as little as fits your budget. At the end of the day, we want you to be successful in raising every dollar you need to make God’s vision of expanded facilities or ministries a reality in your church.

The primary segments include:

Preparation & Pledges

We find that the campaign preparation time is normally five to seven months beginning with an early onsite visit and culminating in the collection of the pledges.  We will be engaged with you throughout these months. In fact, we will guide you every step of the way and be a 24/7 resource to you. There will be nothing you face we haven’t seen before.

Collecting Funds

Following the preparation time, most churches ask us to assist them in bringing the pledged monies in. At the end of the day, pledges do not pay the bills. Cash does. We have an extensive process that has proven to be extremely successful at the churches we have served.

One church our primary consultant, Jack Strom, worked with did an $8 Million campaign and the follow-up process (which we can provide you) brought in an additional $1 Million.

Video Production

This world is a visually stimulated world. Your ability to tell stories through video that motivate to pledge and motivate to give can make all the difference in the world in terms of the overall success of the campaign.

We offer extensive video production that can be used in your campaign if you choose. Our creative video specialist has vast experience producing videos for mega-churches that motivate people to give.


If you are like most pastors who face the need to raise needed capital, you say, “How in the world do I do that?” That is where The Hardy Group comes in to play. If you wonder if we could help, there is only one way to find out.

Use the form above to start the conversation. This non-commitment form will ask for basic information allowing Dick Hardy and Jack Strom to initiate a discovery conference call and see where you are at in your journey at the church.

You have nothing to lose to talk. It will help you determine next steps for you and the church. So let’s start talking.

Capital Campaigns

Tell us about your ministry.

What size of church does The Hardy Group work with in Capital Campaigns?

We work with all sizes of churches from large to small. In fact, that is the beauty of our efforts. We are able to tailor all we do to fit your size church, budget and campaign target goal.

Why do we need a campaign consultant?

You really cannot afford NOT to get a campaign consultant. The involvement of a capital campaign consultant typically increases giving dramatically over what churches that just make an appeal from the pulpit will raise. Your church will benefit greatly from the experience of The Hardy Group’s highest-level capital campaign consultant. 

How much will it cost?

The cost is really an investment. Because your church is unique and the size and scope of every project is unique, we will engage in conversation personally with you to drive to every nuance of the campaign we can find. We quote our services to you specific to your needs and budget.

How long does a campaign typically take?

We find campaigns normally take from four to seven months to prepare, engage and deliver. These months can have some flexibility but in general we find campaigns can be very successful in this time frame. However, extra time may be added depending on the level of involvement we have with the ongoing collection of funds.

Is a capital campaign really biblical?

It absolutely is but only when immersed in prayer. It is critically important that all leaders take this effort very seriously as they embark on raising needed capital funds for expansion and/or other ministry endeavors. All initiatives generated by The Hardy Group are deeply rooted in scripture and prayer.

Has The Hardy Group consultant Jack Strom ever had a failed campaign?

We not aware of any campaign he has served that have ever been identified as a failure. However, there have been times when, though the pastor and church leadership rejoiced and felt that the result of their particular campaign was a success, Jack personally believed the result could have been much greater had the church leadership more carefully followed his directive.

When is the best time to raise money?


How much money can be raised?

We are careful not to predict what God will do. HE IS ABLE! According to Philippians 4:19, He can more than meet the NEED according to His riches in Glory. But He… the Lord, said He would only do what people allow Him to do. People are very predictable keeping in focus that projects/objectives have particular emotions.

The most exciting money to raise is to make the down payment on a new dream such as new property and/or new Worship Center; in short, a new identity. The most challenging money to raise is paying off past construction debt. Support facilities and/or repurposing of existing facilities is somewhere in between those two.

When all things are accounted for the church should be able to raise an amount equal to a parity of your annual general fund and up to two and one-half times that amount in a successful campaign.

What makes The Hardy Group different from other capital fund companies?

The marketplace approach to capital campaigns can be deadly.

- High-pressure appeals can intimidate and hurt fellow-givers that have only the widow’s mite to give.

- A campaign designed by someone who is unfamiliar with the needs and sentiments of the church body can divide the fellowship and create hard feelings.

- Capital campaign hype often obscures the reason for giving and ignores the more important factor—faith that is motivated by the Spirit of God through the proclamation of God’s Word.

Be sure to compare and contrast. A solid, spiritually-tuned stewardship program designed by The Hardy Group can bring spiritual and financial health, growth and life!

Appeals to major donors can and should be spiritually enriching. We believe there are those in your church family who have been brought to the kingdom for such a time as this … the ministry of giving.

We also believe the health of the church is best expressed through a broad-based support where everyone in the church family is encouraged to become a participant; where the cause and result effect is a personal experience to each one who responds with a commitment to give. Every gift makes a difference.

Why choose The Hardy Group?
- Ministry matters more than marketing.
- A successful capital campaign will result in joy and giving.
- You will get a program that is designed to change lives, and at the same time increase cash flow for a particular giving calendar.
- You will receive a ministry that is personal and relational.