Senior Pastor Search Consulting

In the life of every church there will come a time when it needs a new senior leader. To this end, The Hardy Group has helped countless churches find new lead pastors through our Senior Pastor Search process.

Because we have such an extensive network inside the Assemblies of God, The Hardy Group Senior Pastor Search Services are best utilized inside that fellowship.  For over 30 years, The Hardy Group has built a network of relationships throughout the Assemblies of God, equipping us to help you find God’s next leader for your church.

Now as a board or search committee chair, you can either re-invent the wheel in the search for your new senior pastor or you can bring the best practices of Senior Pastor Search Services to your board table.


Here is what The Hardy Group brings to you in the process – a nationwide network of relationships. These friendships come from pastors, district officials, colleagues, students, college presidents, and national leaders inside the AG.


We’ve spent over 30 years with the two highest leadership groups in the local church – pastors and board members. A benefit to working with The Hardy Group is we can help pastors think like board members and board members think like pastors. Or at least we can help both groups understand one another.


Every board or search committee chair needs to ask this question: How many tithing families have to leave your church during the search process before you lose the revenue equal to or greater than the investment you would make in engaging a search consultant? Normally, it’s just one or two!

Your pastor is now gone and you are not paying their salary. Hence, you already have the money. Invest it wisely with spiritual and professional counsel. We’re intimately connected to the pastor-market from which your new pastor will come, saving you time and the risk of the unknown.


In your new senior pastor you are not looking to bring the highest paid employee to the church. You are looking for the highest-level leader who can hear the voice of the Lord and lead the church to the greatest days it has ever known. The Hardy Group stands ready to help you find that leader!


Through our Senior Pastor Search Consulting we purpose to work with the church’s board or search committee to:

  • Evaluate the needs of the church
  • Facilitate a Focus Group Saturday to collaborate on the process
  • Create a strategic plan to identify the new pastor
  • Locate potential candidates through our extensive network
  • Collect Senior Spiritual Leadership Narratives of candidates
  • Develop a Leader Profile for the new lead pastor
  • Help identify who the church wants as their new pastor
  • Guide and direct phone and onsite interviews
  • Guide the church through the entire candidate weekend culminating in election
  • Give guidance to compensation package


You now find yourself without a pastor. Who can you talk to? At The Hardy Group we would be honored to talk with you about your situation and see if we can help.

Here’s how to find out if we can help. Just click here to fill out the information form. This is a non-commitment request for a phone call. You will receive a personal call from the president of The Hardy Group, Dick Hardy. He will look forward to getting to know you and learning about the church.

You do not need to walk this journey of finding your next spiritual leader alone. We’d be honored to walk alongside you. Fill out the form and let’s get the conversation going.

Senior Pastor Search

Tell us about your ministry.

How much does it cost?

Frankly, a better way to ask that is, “What kind of investment is our church going to have to make to find our new leader?” Clearly each church is different and it is for that reason that we tailor every search specific to that church. There are no cookie-cutter approaches to our searches and certainly not to our fees.

The conversation we have will help us develop a plan and pricing for you that is specific to your size and circumstances.

How do you find candidates?

The President of The Hardy Group, Dick Hardy has been connected inside the Assemblies of God all his life. He is an ordained minister inside that fellowship. He has personal friendship or acquaintance with almost all district leaders and the majority of AG college presidents.

When we serve a church in their search, we determine the kind of leader the church is looking for and then we recruit to that profile. This is a unique exercise in that we are not “head hunting.” In fact, to us that thought is distasteful. Anybody can find someone to simply “fill a slot” at your church. That’s not what this is at all. We are very intentional about seeking God’s person to lead your church. So we look with that in focus.

We call pastors and other church leaders to determine interest. We find God is already moving on the heart of the candidate with whom we make contact. It is God’s person we are trying to identify.

How long does the search take?

We normally find that five months is the length of time that best allows for your new pastor to surface. Although, it is not unusual for the search to be done in much less time than five months.

Who do you work with at the church?

We find that most church boards serve as the search committee itself. Sometimes churches will create a search group comprised of board members and members at-large from the congregation. In either case, we are working with the search committee, the board and corresponding chairperson throughout the entire process.

Senior Pastor Search Endorsements

Brad Allison

Board Chair, South Bend, Indiana

“I cannot recommend Dick Hardy and The Hardy Group high enough. If you are now looking for your new lead pastor, Dick will come alongside you and walk with you A – Z in that search. You need to talk to Dick!”

Don Gifford

Indiana District Superintendent

When I found out that one of our historically great churches in Indiana was without a lead pastor, I wondered how well those wonderful people were going to be able to find the kind of leader who could help mainstream them back closer to the Assemblies of God. The church ultimately voted in with a 97.6% vote a phenomenal pastor in Jeff Kennedy.

I am so pleased with how Dick Hardy and The Hardy Group were able to lead this church through sometimes unchartered territories of finding a new lead pastor.  Dick Hardy kept the Superintendent informed and engaged in the process.

If your church is in need of a man with a vast network of pastors, then Dick could be your man to help you in your search.  I can tell you, he did a great job for Southgate Church and the Indiana District.

Jeff & Becky Kennedy

Lead Pastors, South Bend, Indiana

“My wife and I found ourselves on the receiving end of a really great experience over the last few months. Dick Hardy has been a friend for a number of years. As a result, he and I had been in conversation relative to my future. Little did I know that God was bringing a great church in South Bend, Indiana into Dick’s world. Southgate Church was embarking on the search for a new lead pastor. Suffice it to say, the Lord used the connection between the church and The Hardy Group as well as the connection between Dick and Jeff to afford the Kennedys the great privilege of now serving as Southgate’s pastor. To any board or search committee chair, I cannot recommend Dick and The Hardy Group to you enough. You will be pleased in working with Dick. He has great wisdom and spiritual sensitivity you will want in your search.”

Josh Cameron

Pulpit Committee Chair, Southgate Church, South Bend, Indiana

We could not have done this search as successfully as we did without Dick Hardy’s help. His vast network of connections enabled us to find just the right new lead pastor for Southgate Church. Smart board/search committee chairs will talk with Dick.