Small Groups Coaching

As a church leader you are serious about discipleship. Making disciples is something Jesus has called us all to do, and for many churches that takes place through small group ministry. What a responsibility!

In our Small Groups Coaching, we work with you in your unique situation to co-craft a custom coaching strategy that ensures you reach next-level results. We purpose to help you in these ways and more:

  • Understanding relational development
  • Navigating the systems and structures that free you up
  • Refining your skills to develop thriving small groups

You know if more people are discipled, they will grow in their faith and understanding of what God has for them and the church. When that happens, all sorts of great things will follow — greater worship, evangelism, discipleship, mentoring, giving, and so on. At The Hardy Group we want that for your church.

Do you have an existing small groups ministry?

If you’ve had small groups for any length of time, you know there’s always room to grow. Starting more groups and connecting people is a continuous cycle you find yourself in.

  • How can I get more leaders?
  • What’s the best way to get people connected into groups?
  • How much training is the right amount?

These questions and more are what we face all the time as we try to do what Jesus asked us to do, make disciples. Our coaching can help you find the right answers to these questions for your church.

Do you need to re-charge your small groups?

Some churches have small groups but without any form and frankly, without much zip. Maybe that’s yours. They are just there, taking up space and not all that effective in discipling people. Our coaching can give you ideas to get the jump-start you need to gain momentum.

Are you looking to start small groups?

One thing you’ve likely discovered is that small group ministries can vary so much. You hear all these things about open groups, closed groups, affinity groups, geographic groups, station-in-life groups, and so on. Where does it all end and what does it all mean? If you’re looking to start small groups at your church, we can help you identify the steps to take and clarify the small group model that’s right for you.


Small Groups Coaching runs for four months with two coaching sessions scheduled per month. Upon signing up for the coaching program, your coach will call you to get acquainted and to set up your schedule of coaching calls. After the introductory phone call, each coaching call is normally about 50 minutes in length.


The wise and discerning church and pastor will invest in their leadership. We want to help you with that investment. At The Hardy Group we purpose to keep our fees affordable for pastors and church leaders.

To this end our Small Groups Coaching is priced at $299 per month for each of the four months. You have the option to continue with your coach beyond the four months should you choose to do so.


Coaching at The Hardy Group is like anything else. You will get out of it what you put into it. Walking through a coaching process is work, sometimes hard work. But the payoff at the end? A huge reward — a better you!

If small groups are an avenue through which you make disciples, and if you want to maximize the impact they make in your church, there is no better place to start than at The Hardy Group Small Groups Coaching.


Just fill out the form by clicking the “sign up” link and let’s get started.  You will receive a call from your Small Groups coach shortly.

Small Groups


per month for four months

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