Marketing & Social Media Coaching

It’s a new world out there today. The days of buying an ad in the paper or grabbing a few radio spots to beef up the Christmas and Easter crowd have changed. Social media has changed everything.

For the savvy pastor who believes in the mission of their church, Marketing & Social Media Coaching at The Hardy Group may just be what you need to move the church forward.

Is your church serious about reaching more people? Do you want a marketing strategy that works? Then our Marketing & Social Media Coaching is for you.

  • Learn how to develop your brand
  • Get practical with Facebook Campaigns
  • Come up with a strategy to interest people
  • Learn how to measure and evaluate your marketing efforts
  • Develop a plan that utilizes Social Media

You may be really astute at marketing. However, lots of pastors are not. With our Marketing & Social Media coaching you will find yourself gaining a greater understanding of how to market, who to target, what avenues to market are available to you, and why you should do anything at all.

You will be amazed at how much marketing on social media and other venues you can do on even the most limited budget. Really. It can happen. We will show you how.


Marketing & Social Media Coaching runs for four months with two coaching sessions scheduled per month. Upon signing up for the coaching program, your coach will call you to get acquainted and to set up your schedule of coaching calls. After the introductory phone call, each coaching call is normally about 50 minutes in length.


The wise and discerning church and pastor will invest in their ability to be better in every area of ministry. We want to help you with that investment. At The Hardy Group we purpose to keep our fees affordable for pastors and church leaders.

To this end our Marketing & Social Media Coaching is priced at $299 per month for each of the four months.  You have the option to continue with your coach beyond the four months should you choose to do so.


Coaching at The Hardy Group is like anything else. You will get out of it what you put into it. Walking through a coaching process is work, sometimes hard work. But the payoff at the end? A huge reward — a better you!

If you know you want to get the word out and see your church have greater influence in your community, there is no better place to start than at The Hardy Group Marketing & Social Media Coaching.


Just fill sign up to the right and let’s get started.  You will receive a call from your Marketing & Social Media coach shortly.

Marketing & Social Media


per month for four months

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