Weekend Evaluation Consulting

Every week church leaders come to church with the same eyes, and there are times when blind spots develop. Not intentionally, of course, but it’s life. How can you make decisions about a guest’s weekend experience without knowing how they view it?

Our Weekend Evaluation Service is truly one-of-a-kind! If you want a fresh set of unbiased eyes to give you an accurate portrayal of the perception of your church as a visitor, then consider us your “Secret Shopper.”

  • Unbiased weekend evaluation
  • High-value time spent with staff, board, and volunteers
  • Detailed report of our experience
  • Action plan to enhance the visitor experience


The Hardy Group consultant normally comes in on a Friday night to hang out with the lead pastor and their spouse. This is typically over dinner and is very relaxed and get-acquainted in nature.

Then on Saturday morning typically we gather all the board, staff and spouses together for a time to reflect a lot on the good and a small amount of time on the not so good of the church. We dream ahead to the future. We normally spend time investing in these key leaders as well.

Throughout the weekend we might meet with staff members or key volunteer leaders individually. All of this would be directed by the lead pastor to afford us the best well-rounded picture of the leaders at the church and how they view the church.

On Sunday we act as “Secret Shoppers” new to the church. We try to get a sense of what it would be like for a non-believing guest and a believing guest. How would they feel? How would the people in the church respond to them?

On Sunday night or Monday morning we debrief with the pastor and staff. Then we head home to write our findings.


Upon return from the weekend with you, we put together a comprehensive report of our findings. Some of these are very small observations; others are very large.

About a week later, a draft of the report is sent to you for review. After you have looked it over we get on the phone together to walk through the report. Frequently, we start with a recap that serves as the centerpiece of our final, highest-level recommendations.

You have the option to ask us to adjust pieces of the report to make sure it fits your context and culture. To every extent possible we work to make sure the final report is something you can share with your team to develop an action plan as you move forward.


If you would like to see how the Weekend Evaluation could work at your church, just fill out the form below and let’s get a conversation started.  You will receive a call from us that will give us a chance to see if this is something that could benefit you.

We would be honored to be able to play a role in helping you move your church forward in the mission to which God has called you.

Weekend Evaluation

Tell us about your ministry.

How much does it cost?

Frankly, a better way to ask that is, “What kind of investment is our church going to have to make to improve?” Clearly each church is different and it is for that reason that we tailor every search specific to that church. There are no cookie-cutter approaches to our searches and certainly not to our fees.

The conversation we have will help us develop a plan and pricing for you that is specific to your size and circumstances.

Who do you work with at the church?

Our primary interaction occurs with the lead pastor. However, a benefit to our customized approach is that we can spend time with the people the lead pastor feels would be beneficial. Sometimes it’s on an individual basis and sometimes it’s in smaller group settings. Our desire is to help you however will be most helpful during our weekend together.

What size of church does The Hardy Group do Weekend Evaluations?

We work with all sizes of churches from large to small. In fact, that is the beauty of our efforts. We are able to tailor all we do to fit your size church, budget and ultimate goals for the weekend.

Weekend Evaluation Endorsements

Gary Wheat

Lead Pastor, Siloam Springs, Arkansas

“Fresh Eyes’ from The Hardy Group helped us recognize areas we needed to improve.”

Raymond Frizzell

Lead Pastor, Miami, Oklahoma   

“Dick Hardy came and gave us a great blueprint for change. He also communicated the reason and purpose of changes we needed. We have stuck with the process and feel we know what areas must continue to improve. I would say the initial assessment has continued to help us.”