Ashley Madison and Ed Stetzer


Ed Stetzer stimulated a bunch of chatter in the faith community and the press last week. I caught up with him on Saturday to get his take on the whole Ashley Madison hacking, the impact of the millions of affairs, and how we should respond.

He’s written four blogs at

  1. My Husband Is on the Ashley Madison List. What Now?
  2. My Pastor Is on the Ashley Madison List.
  3. I’m On the Ashley Madison List. Now What?
  4. Life Is Eternal. Don’t Have an Affair.

So if any of those impact you or any other church leader in your sphere of influence here is what I recommend to do today.

  1. Call the confidential (no caller ID) Helpline (11 AM – 5 PM Eastern) listed at the end of the video: 1-800-867-4011.
  2. Talk to a trusted friend and your spouse.
  3. Read all four of Ed’s blogs and follow his recommendations.
  4. Subscribe to his blog, one of the most valuable resources for pastors and church leaders in the market today.
  5. Pick up copies of Hedges by Jerry B. Jenkins and make it required reading for your staff and volunteers.

The enemy may think he’s won, but even wounded leaders can recover because we serve a loving, forgiving, healing and grace-filled God. There will be pain in some journeys but God is there for you, your friends and church leaders.

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